Snuggle Buddie

Mint Dumble

I sell these gorgeous Teddies, blankies and Snuggle Buddies,rag dolls, animals and Personalise them for you.They are called Cubbies and there is a full range of them for you to find the perfect Buddie.

Rag Doll Mermaid

White Unicorn

Harlequin Bunnie Pink

Marcella Rag Doll

Grey Blankie Bunnie


Blue Monster

Authorised Seller of Cubbies

Raspberry rag doll

Raspberry embroidered dress

Sample of embroidery done on the blue Fairy.

polo Shirts done

Sample of Bib


Pink Dragon

Dog Blanket


Baby Blanket


Applique Towel

I will also be embroidering Wedding gifts, Towels,Pet clothes,kit bags and more please contact me for more details and prices.

Hero Bear

Personalised for your ideal gift.